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Parc naturel régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine



A. A Dream Vacation in a Romanesque abbey

1. A.B.A.,choir and bell tower covered in snow (Photo MOG, Jan 2007) | 2. ABA, cloister, chapter house (Photo MOG, March 2009) | 3. ABA, view from what was the refectory -dining hall-, south side (Photo MOG, March 2009) | 4. ABA, view from a field of flowers, west side (Photo MOG, October 2007)


Are you looking for a quiet and relaxing place to spend your vacation with friends or your family? Are you looking for calm, nature, art, history and the sweetness of life?  What do you think of sunrise over an exquisite view, surrounded by old stones, being in harmony with the sweep of time, reading a good book in the shadow of a buttress, contemplating a cloister, meditating on the full moon over a steeple, drifting amid ageless arches, being par of a living picture, or reveiling in limpid waters in the early dawn, relaxing and sunbathing, barbecuing, jogging through wooded valleys or discovering off-the-beaten-path Touraine...  Your dream can come through: the owners of the Royal Abbey of Bois-Aubry are there to help make it come through. In a beautifull and natural setting, where the tufa stone catches the sun and gardens, woods and orchards abound, they will welcome you to their VACATION RENTALS (GÎTES), specially designed and equipped to combine comfort, conviviality and a holiday spirit with the traditions of the ages.

A daily dip in the POOL accross from the church will top it off.

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5. A.B.A., Porterie (Photo MOG, March 2009) | 6. A.B.A., pool of the Abbey (Photo MOG, August 2008) | 7. A.B.A., view from the heights, north side (Photo MOG, oct.200è)

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B. Vacation rentals (Gîtes), activities, events, products

8.A.B.A, cloister, chapter house (Photo MOG, June 2007) | 9. A.B.A, view of the tower from the orchard (Photo MOG, June 2007) | 10. A.B.A, old postcard of the Abbey de Bois-Aubry, east side view (Photo MOG, Coll.P | 11. A.B.A, tower and wall, west side (Photo MOG March 2009)


Located south of the Loire, where Touraine, Anjou and Poitou come together *, theRoyal Abbey of Bois-Aubry is an integral part of an illustrious french architectural heritage site now protected by UNESCO. Classified ("Monument Historique" since 1944), and located near the towns of Richelieu **, Chinon, Tours, Saumur and Poitiers, the Royal Abbey of Bois-Aubry glows with the richness and romance of its romanesque (12th century) and Gothic (13th and 15th centuries) archictecture. As "Rousseau", visitors can savor all of this whether they stay in one of our VACATION RENTALS (GÎTES 4 stars and having the famous label "Parc Naturel Régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine) (See also: ), take a guided TOUR, hold a PRIVATE or PROFFESSIONAL EVENT here, participate in one of our ACTIVITIES, try some of our PRODUCTS - or just wander through the beautifull setting. Succumb to the perfume of a rose as in Ronsard's poem; slip amoung the shadows of the vestiges of the monastery; drink it all in and pay homage to the poets...

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*Parc naturel régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine

**Founded by Cardinal Richelieu, immortalised by Alexandre Dumas in his book "The Three Musketeers"


12. A.B.A., Abbey in the snow, south side (Photo MOG, Jan 2007) | 13. A.B.A., Chapter house, twin openings with raw of columns, detail (Photo MOG, january) | 13b. A.B.A., Pool of the Abbey (Photo MOG, may 2009)

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C. Yul Brynner

 Do you love the cinema and big Hollywood productions? Have you always wanted to be in the presence of the Pharaoh Ramses II, to be a rival of Solomon, to win the hand of the Queen of Sheba, to follow the trail of Anastasia or to fight gun battles as part of the Magnificent Seven?  Do you wonder what it must have been like to share the screen with the likes of Charlton Heston, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Ingrid Bergman, Deborah Kerr, Romy Schneider and Gina Lollobrigida? Or, do you just admire him for declaring war on tobacco? The remains of YUL BRYNNER are in the Royal Abbey of Bois-Aubry's CEMETERY.

You can follow it on the official site of Yul's grave on FB:

14. Yul Brynner, Portrait | 15. Yul Brynner as Ramses II in The Ten Commandments (1956) | 16. Brynner and Marlon Brando in Morituri (1965) | 17. A.B.A, Yul Brynner's tomb in the Royal Abbey of Bois-Aubry's cemetery, detail (Photo MOG)

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D. Want to help?    Want to be member of the A.A.R.S.M.B.A.?
 Are you enthusiastic about history, art and culture? Are you interested in the restoration and preservation of the Royal Abbey of Bois-Aubry? Would you like to HELP by volunteering your expertise, advice, labour, documents or gifts? Would you like to be a sponsor or CONTRIBUTOR of the project? Your help and participation would be greatly welcome for the Abbey... Be member of the Association Abbaye Royale de Bois-Aubry (A.A.R.S.M.B.A.) ! 


18. A.B.A., Lay brothers' quarter (Hôtellerie des convers) in the snow (Photo MOG, janv.2009) | 19. A.B.A., Abbey, south arm of the transept and apsidal chapels, detail (Photo MOG, November 2007) | 20. A.B.A., the Abbey and fields of sunflowers, south-west view (Photo MOG, July 2008) | 21. A.B.A., the Abbey and its annexes, west view (Photo MOG, Jan 2009) | 22. A.B.A., Chapter house and monks' dormitory in the snow (Photo MOG, jan.2009).

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